Web Design

I've worked on a variety of web projects including designing / developing highly customized websites, making modifications to existing websites, and managing Google AdWords campaigns.



An animated web design I've started for the Intergalactic Art Movement, a group of friends in Metro Detroit who organize really cool psytrance events.

Google AdWords Mega-Campaign for Kohll's Pharmacy & Homecare

When this Omaha-based medical supply company became the first American distributer of the "Raizer" (a device that's been widely used in Europe and Asia to help fallen people stand quickly and easily), I designed and managed a highly successful Google Adwords campaign to drive nationwide customers to Kohll's website.


A portfolio website I designed and developed for Detroit-based artist Douglas Jones. The interactive dots on the homepage are based on Douglas's "CODE" art series where each art piece shows a red, yellow, and blue dot group with the dots in varying positions. See Douglas's Instagram page if that last sentence was confusing :)


A custom Wordpress theme I designed, developed, and continue to maintain for OTOC (Omaha Together One Community), a non-profit organization in my hometown. OTOC lobbies congress and organizes the community around a number of issues including environmental sustainability, immigration / refugee support, and housing / revitilization.


A website I designed and developed for a two-day music festival (the desktop version of the design includes an animated header that I created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects). The festival was held in front of the Stonehouse Bar which at the time held the record of longest continuosly operating bar in Detroit.


A custom Wordpress theme I'm designing and developing for an Omaha, NE law firm.