Video Production

Below are a few examples of my video work. More of my videos are posted on my personal Facebook page.

A few of the video advertisements I filmed and edited for Escape Room Zone, a chain escape rooms in Michigan.

A video advertisement I filmed and edited for the Omaha Nightlife Company about an Irish pub that serves Jameson whiskey on tap.

A promotional video for Spin Linen, one of the videos I helped edit while working for Omaha-based branding agency Rebel Interactive.

Video projector art I produced in Adobe After Effects to accompany a house / techno DJ set I performed at Bar 415 in Omaha, NE.  I combined photos I took of regulars at the venue with creative commons VJ loops by Beeple.

A video I filmed and edited for jazz pianist Paul Serrato. The background songs in this video are all from Paul's 2016 album "Urban Fingerprints" that he made in collaboration with bassist Hilliard Greene.

Some of my 2012 video editing work for the Hustle Season DVD Magazine in Detroit, MI. For the sake of keeping my personal website rated PG-13, the videos I filmed and edited for this group in collaboration with Jaguar Gentlemen's Club are available as a link (CLICK HERE!!!) instead of as an embedded Vimeo player.