Unique Event Lighting In Metro Detroit

Danny's unique style of sound-reactive lighting has delighted event organizers in Metro Detroit and beyond. Scroll past this photo collage of spaces I've lit to learn more about my audiovisual work.

lighting collage

Musical Spectral Art

The photographs below show my business card viewed under different colors of light. The red light isolates Ben Franklin, the green light isolates George Washington, and the blue light isolates Abe Lincoln. The upper left photo shows the card in white light.

Business Card Collage

I control my lights with a custom Ableton / Max For Live setup. The video below shows an example of a spectral art structure I built with various types of lighting control. It also shows examples of sound-activated light cycles that can be used with other people's music and a few more examples of my lighting work and art experiments. Additional examples of my work can be found on my Facebook Page.

light-boxes-front light-boxes-back