Web Design

I've worked on a variety of web projects including designing / developing highly customized websites, making modifications to existing websites, and managing Google AdWords campaigns.



A custom Wordpress theme I'm designing and developing for an Omaha, NE law firm.


A portfolio website I designed and developed for Detroit-based artist Douglas Jones. The interactive dots on the homepage are based on Douglas's "CODE" art series where each art piece shows a red, yellow, and blue dot group with the dots in varying positions. See Douglas's Instagram page if that last sentence was confusing :)


An animated web design I've started for the Intergalactic Art Movement.


A website I designed and developed for a two-day music festival. The desktop version of the design includes an animated header that I created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects).

Google AdWords Campaign for Kohll's Pharmacy & Homecare

When this Omaha-based medical supply company became the first American distributer of the "Raizer" (a device that's been widely used in Europe and Asia to help fallen people stand quickly and easily), I designed and managed a successful Google Adwords campaign to drive nationwide customers to Kohll's website.


A custom Wordpress theme I designed and developed for non-profit OTOC (Omaha Together One Community).